Boiled Down
3: ORLA’s Legislative Agenda

3: ORLA’s Legislative Agenda

February 13, 2017

ORLA’s chief lobbyist sits down with the association’s president and CEO to chat about key issues we’ll be focusing on this legislative session and which bills will have the greatest impact on the hospitality industry. With income equality, restrictive scheduling, tourism investment, and transportation infrastructure as hot topics, now is the time to embrace a commitment to spontaneity.

Advocacy watch - 1:18
ORLA’s Legislative Agenda - 6:42
Bills in the legislature - 16:07
ORLA and Oregon Legislators - 31:42
“Son of 97” bill - 37:04
Comparing legislative sessions - 39:57
How you can get involved - 42:16


Bill Perry, Balance Point Strategies
Jason Brandt, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association

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