Boiled Down

40. Supporting Diversified Energy Systems

January 25, 2022

From breweries to hotels, and caterers to small cafes, the hospitality industry depends on natural gas as an energy source. With recent news of natural gas bans around the country and now in Oregon, it’s important for policymakers to understand how a potential ban on natural gas would impact an industry whose reliance on this energy source is critical to their operations. We talk with Dan Kirschner from the NWGA about the policy direction and how they’re fighting on the industry’s behalf to ensure our state and community members can continue to rely on a diversified, robust, reliable and affordable energy system. Businesses should continue to educate customers how they use energy and why, highlighting energy savings with their sustainability practices, and how to use that fuel in better, more efficient ways.

Guest: Dan Kirschner, Northwest Gas Association

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