Boiled Down

35. Integrating New Workplace Standards

February 10, 2021

Together with SAIF Corporation experts, we try to highlight and clarify some of the new guidance Oregon’s hospitality professionals are putting into place. Hear some real-life examples of how organizations are putting procedures in place and some of the challenges in implementing the new rules. Learn about what you can and cannot mandate surrounding vaccines, what notifications you’ll need to do if a COVID-19 exposure occurs, and more about face coverings (who needs them, wash and replace, and how many employers expected to provide). We will also explore what new rules we can expect to become permanent.


  • Liz Hill, Total Worker Health Advisor, Safe and Healthy Workplace Center, SAIF Corporation
  • Kim Henry, Industry Hygienist, Safe and Healthy Workplace Center, SAIF Corporation

Links Referenced:

Advocacy Watch:

  • Over 100 bills on ORLA’s engage/watch list

  • Campaign to remove Oregon’s Extreme Risk category
  • Federal level update: PPP Round 2, New COVID-19 Relief Package with Restaurant Grant Program

Listener Question:
New guidance for Lottery retailers in the 'Extreme Risk' category.

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